The Rover 200 Coupe – Product in detail

6th October 1992

The Rover 200 Coupe has been developed from the Rover 200 three-door platform.
In order to achieve the exclusive and elegant style of the new Coupe body, significant changes have been made to the Body structure.

New Body Panels

New monoside panels, new front and rear roof panels and new rear quarter inner panels form the main body changes. The boot lid is a modified version of the lid created for the Rover 200 Cabriolet.
All of the design work for the new Rover 200 Coupe was carried out at Rover’s Styling Studios in Coventry, and complete vehicle assembly at the Longbridge plant in Birmingham.

T-Bar Roof

All models in the Rover 200 Coupe range are fitted with twin glass roof panels with a T-bar.
Each panel is removable individually or can simply be tilted to provide ventilation. When removed, the interior of the car is protected from any wind buffeting by an individual deflector.
For a virtual ‘open top’ feeling, both panels and T-bar can be removed and stowed in a tailor made protective cover which fixes neatly to the boot side.

Solar Heat Protection

The glass panels feature an advanced semi-reflective coating, first seen on the Rover 200 Coupe, that restricts the transmission of solar heat into the passenger compartment to a mere 6%. The manufacturer, SIV

of Italy, has previously supplied other glass with 10% or 15% light transmission levels. This very low level of light transmission is made possible by a titanium coating on the glass. Applied through a special ionisation process, the effects of the coating on heat and light transmission eliminate the need for a sunblind.

New Bumpers

Both front and rear bumpers are new and are unique to the Coupe range in the Rover 200 family. Deep front spoiler extensions flank a large intake aperture below bumper level and both 220 models feature a pair of front foglamps.
Rubbing strip inserts are fitted both front and rear and the front turn lamps are reprofiled to blend with the sleeker front end style.

Darker Tinted Glass

The Coupe is fitted with tinted glass, darker than that used on all other Rover 200 models.
The doors feature a frameless drop-light system, with electric window operation on all models, and are modified versions of the doors produced for the Rover 200 Cabriolet.

Smoked Tint Rear Lamps

At the rear of the Rover 200 Coupe, the lamp clusters now feature smoked neutral lenses with clear D.I. lamps.
The applique panel housing the number plate has been modified to delete the horizontal rib found on other derivatives in the 200 range.


The interior of the Rover 200 Coupe is designed to accommodate four people in comfort with the rear seats being individually styled.
The rear seat backrest is split 50/50 and folds to accommodate long loads such as skis.
All versions are trimmed in Ash grey, a colour offering a very sporting ‘soft black’ ambience. The 1.6 version is fabric trimmed throughout with the 2.0 litre model adding leather to the seat side rolls.
A sumptuous leather trim set is offered as an option. This can be specified in Ash Grey or Stone Beige. In the case of the latter only the seats and door case inserts are finished in Stone Beige, the basic trim colour remains Ash Grey.

Controls and Instrumentation

The main controls and layout are similar to the rest of the Rover 200 range. Electric window controls are mounted on the door for convenience and electric mirror controls are to the right of the steering wheel.
The steering wheel on the Rover 220 Turbo is a unique 3 spoke design and is leather covered. The gear lever knob is also leather covered on this derivative.

Height Adjustable Steering Wheel

The cockpit style of the front seats can be tuned to suit the driver’s particular stance. The steering column is adjustable for height and the figure hugging sports seats feature lumbar support for both driver and passenger. For further fine tuning, should it be required, a height adjustable driver’s seat is available as an option, although the front seats in the Coupe have been lowered to provide additional headroom.